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By staying fully focused on the industry and implementing state-of-the-art technology, experienced engineering and disciplined quality processes, Glenridge is able to produce the best parts at the best price. With over 70 years of experience, our 60,000-square-foot facility and 17 machining centers located in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, we remain committed to a very diverse customer base locally and globally. We fully understand that our success is contingent upon yours.

We view our relationship with each and every customer as more than just a supplier. We strive to be a meaningful business partner in helping our customers capture their needs and maximize their success. To achieve this, we have:

  • Engineers that fully utilize the most current software to determine a cost-efficient approach to machining a part
  • A wide variety of foundries and subcontractors to control costs
  • A fully staffed in-house tooling and fixture department to save our customers time and money
  • Multiple coordinated measuring machines to ensure supremely accurate checking for all parts
  • Methods and procedures to ensure on-time delivery for all production parts
  • The ability to turn RFQs around within an agreed-upon, expedited timeframe and put all new parts into production ahead of a customer’s required schedule.

Glenridge works closely and collaboratively with your engineering team to discuss features, functionality, machinability and work holding issues. Our engineering-based approach and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies allow us to drive process improvements across design, planning and production, which is instrumental to increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. 

  • Engineering Department Analyzes Information
  • Scheduled Customer Quotation Technical Specification Review
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • In-House Design and Production of Fixtures
  • Multi-Axes Pallet Change Equipment Optimization
  • Implementation of Work Cell Technology

With more than 40 years of Tier 1 experience, Glenridge leverages our ISO/TS 16949:2009 commitment to quality and partners with the best, highest quality, lower tier suppliers including: Casting and Forging, Heat Treat, Painting, Plating and Coating.

We value your business and look forward to tackling your manufacturing challenges today. We are confident that together, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


As a Tier 1 supplier, Glenridge assumes responsibility of cost, quality and on-time delivery associated with all lower tier suppliers. Glenridge has ongoing procedures to ensure that material, services, pricing and quality meet or exceed required standards. Glenridge regularly audits all lower tier suppliers for cost efficiency and inspects all work to ensure it is within specification. The Glenridge inventory management system controls the lead time of all processes to ensure on-time delivery.

Many customers seek to “lock-in” multi-year pricing through long-term cost and manufacturing agreements. In order to be a true partner with customers, Glenridge welcomes the opportunity to enter into these agreements.

As a distinct differentiator, Glenridge designs and produces all fixtures associated with manufacturing processes in-house. In addition, to better control the quality and cost of fixture production, Glenridge’s in-house fixturing provides a shortened timeframe for the implementation of new parts.

Glenridge’s fully equipped tooling production facility is staffed with highly skilled, professional tool makers and managed by the engineering department to build and test fixtures for part production.

While turnaround to deliver a quotation may vary due to the complexity of a part, the Glenridge process, as summarized below, is designed to produce and deliver a quotation in an expedited timeframe.

  • Glenridge sales team receives request for quotation (RFQ) from a customer.
  • Our sales team initiates internal RFQ process in the engineering department.
  • Our engineering department analyzes the customer’s part drawings, 3D models and related technical specifications to develop an approach.
  • Our QTSR (Quotation Technical Specification Review) is scheduled with the customer’s purchasing, engineering and production personnel and Glenridge engineering department to discuss concerns and next steps forward.
    • QTSR is a process in which the Glenridge engineering department, after evaluation of a customer’s part drawings, models and technical specifications related to a request for quotation, discusses with a customers’ purchasing, engineering and production personnel all of the manufacturing options available to process the part.
  •  Quotation and manufacturing process is finalized per the feedback from the QTSR communication.
  • Quotation is presented to the customer for feedback and review.

Glenridge welcomes the opportunity to develop and produce prototype parts for customers. Glenridge produces fully functional machined part prototypes from castings, forgings, billets and bar stock materials. Prototype production is designed and produced by Glenridge’s engineering department professionals in connection with a customer’s specific prototype needs.

In order to help ensure “no price surprises” for customers, Glenridge develops market-competitive pricing agreements with suppliers. Glenridge closely scrutinizes all supplier pricing to ensure that every cost incorporated in the production of a part is appropriate.

Glenridge works closely with customers to develop “release” schedules for delivery, which provide appropriate planning for material acquisition and machine scheduling. At times, however, customers may require drop-in or expedited orders. In most situations of drop-in or expedited orders, Glenridge has the ability to meet the new timeframes while maintaining the established part price. Upon receipt of any drop-in or expedited order, Glenridge will immediately communicate with the customer to determine the best and most customer-friendly approach to achieve the new delivery dates.

Designated Glenridge personnel have dedicated responsibility for proactive and ongoing communication with the customer’s planning staff. For certain customers, Glenridge personnel communicate with the planning staff on a daily basis.

Glenridge receives orders from customers either via EDI transfer or manually, as our sales order and inventory information systems can accommodate both types.

Glenridge both ships and receives outside the United States. Glenridge is experienced in custom and duty issues associated with international shipping.

Glenridge is quality certified through the rigorous requirements of ISO/TS 16949. In addition to the semi-annual certification audits performed by an independent auditor, Glenridge’s ongoing internal procedures include standard “first article” inspections, dock audits and inspections, inspection of all material received from subcontractors and management process audits.

Glenridge’s supply chain consists of service providers for Heat Treating, Painting, Coating, Plating, Welding, Stamping, Polishing, Balancing and Grinding.  

Glenridge has the capability of manufacturing parts that fit in a 41” x 33” x 35” envelope with a maximum part weight of 2,000 lbs.

Glenridge processes parts made from ductile iron, gray iron, aluminum castings, steel forgings, aluminum billet, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze bar stock.

Glenridge utilizes an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information system that integrates inventory management, as well as sales order processing, manufacturing, finance, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

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