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Motor Coach vehicles range from intercity commuter and long-distance travel buses to high-end motor homes and specialty conversion vehicles. Glenridge has proven experience in developing and producing machined parts that are used in the production of motor coach vehicles. We are a trusted resource for the industry because we work tirelessly to understand the market and the needs of our customers.


Premium quality is an established standard in the production of motor coach vehicles. Glenridge’s ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certification and stringent processes drive machining production for every part that we manufacture. We are proud of our commitment to quality and our approach to helping customers develop solutions.


Glenridge’s machining is built around the proven concept that the machining process should meet the customer’s part rather than the customer’s part being forced to meet the supplier’s process. This development concept triggers optimal quick and efficient machining cycle times, which drive the ability to produce at lower prices. We do more than work for our customers – we work with our customers.


On-time delivery, especially with premium high-end motor homes and specialty conversion vehicles, is enormously important and a driving aspect in the Glenridge approach. Glenridge’s established internal processes for raw material acquisition, coordination with subcontractors and machine scheduling, helps ensure reliable on-time deliveries so vehicles get on the road sooner and stay on the road longer.

Relevant Market Experience.

After being awarded a contract for the production of buses for a municipality, the awardee asked Glenridge to quote and produce parts, including the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) in an expedited timeframe. Working collaboratively with the customer, Glenridge’s professionals bid and acquired raw materials, built in-house machining tooling, selected required subcontractors, completed the PPAP process and commenced production and delivery in half the time usually required to complete these tasks. By understanding the full scope of the process and our customers’ needs we are able to proactively react for the betterment of all.

When it comes to motor coach vehicles and all vehicles, Glenridge addresses issues collaboratively and communicates effectively to deliver results. By understanding the importance of listening and teaming, we are directly involved in developing solutions that extend our customers’ ability to service their customers.