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As an essential part of the transportation system in America and throughout the world, on-highway trucks, including medium-duty Class 5, Class 6 and Class 7 and heavy-duty Class 8, are critical to the economy and the flow of goods. Glenridge has proudly served this industry for more than 40 years.

Essential On-Time Delivery.

OEM production facilities for on-highway truck manufacturers demand “never miss” delivery schedules. Based upon customer’s schedule of releases, Glenridge’s established production procedures for raw material acquisition, subcontractor requirements (e.g., heat treat, coat, paint) and machining schedules that are designed to ensure deliveries that are on time every time. We understand the importance of keeping fleets moving and do all we can to keep that process moving forward.

Commitment to Innovation.

OEMs within the on-highway truck industry consistently seek innovation in various areas, including safety, quality and care for the environment. From new part prototypes to modifications of currently produced parts, Glenridge works closely with customer buyers, planners and engineers to consistently innovate and manufacture parts and solutions to meet or exceed customer demand. As industries evolve and customers’ needs change, we modify and meld our processes to create results.

Volume Fluctuation.

Historically, the on-highway truck industry has been subject to cyclical upturns and downturns in business volume. Glenridge's long-standing strategic supplier experience servicing the on-highway truck market solidifies a partnership with customers and suppliers to understand and address the issues associated with fluctuating production volume. By understanding industry issues and customer concerns we work to help conquer and overcome challenges.

Relevant Market Experience.

In response to ongoing environmental regulation reforms, Glenridge provides new part development assistance to the on-highway truck market. Glenridge's engineering department develops 100% functional prototype machined castings that allow our customers to adequately test their performance in the field. By communicating with customers and proactively developing solutions we help our customers stay on the road to success.

When it comes to on-highway trucks and all vehicles, Glenridge is committed to consistently overcoming timing issues, industry challenges and market changes by facing the issues in a customer-centric method. By knowing the market and our customers’ most pressing concerns, we pull our engineering expertise, collective insights and professionalism to develop solutions that move our customers forward.