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Glenridge understands that manufacturers of purpose-built trucks have a diverse portfolio including refuse vehicles, roadway maintenance, mobile cranes and other vehicles designed to provide services. Glenridge collaborates closely with our customers’ engineers to develop custom machining consistent with the nature of purpose-built trucks to help keep these vehicles in operation.


Glenridge understands the durability requirements for machined parts on purpose-built vehicles and incorporates this deep understanding in the process of part development and production. For example, Glenridge’s engineers will work collaboratively with our customers to simulate finite element analysis testing in connection with the application of a machined part.


Ongoing innovation is a fundamental component of the purpose-built vehicle industry, whether it is concerning a specific product, safety mandates, weight issues or environmentally based matters. Glenridge has developed alternative approaches, processes and methods to machining parts to be part of this ongoing innovation in a constant effort to stay current to the trends of the industry and the specific needs of our customers.


Because purpose-built vehicles are made for and expected to deliver extended usage, the need to have a long-term ability to access aftermarket parts is essential for both purpose-built vehicle manufacturers and end-users. Glenridge has a dedicated aftermarket process to ensure that parts are available to manufacturers and end-users with direct ordering through Glenridge.

Relevant Market Experience. 

As part of our ongoing innovation, a Glenridge customer had the objective of reducing the weight of a machined part that Glenridge produces. Working with the customer, Glenridge engineers identified an alternative and lighter weight casting material to work toward achieving the customer’s objectives. In addition, Glenridge helped develop testing procedures to ensure that the alternative material could be accommodated in a production environment.

When it comes to purpose-built vehicles and all vehicles, Glenridge provides solutions to customers’ challenges by working hand-in-hand with all teams involved to deliver results.