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CNC Milling and Holemaking

Our CNC Machining Centers are designed with rigid box ways and the latest technology that provides the most efficient part processing times in the industry.

Machine Positioning
Accuracy: +/-.000079”


Work Envelope

41” x 33” x 35”

We are capable of large part work volumes and axis travels.

Modern Spindles

12,000 RPM

35 Horse Power 

280 Ft. lb. Torque

We have small to large cutting tool capabilities.

Machining Speed

Our 2,000 Inches Per Minute 4 second Tool Changes and Automatic Pallet Changes minimize non-cutting times in machining cycles.

Part Complexity

Our 4th Axis Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers allow multisided machining with a single clamping resulting in quicker cycle time and more accurate parts.

Milling and Holemaking Processes

  • Milling Processes
    • High Speed Milling
    • Conventional Face Milling
    • Peripheral End Milling
    • Slot End Milling
    • Helical and Ramp Milling
    • Straddle Milling
    • Custom Form Milling
    • Hog Milling
    • Thread Milling
  • Milling Processes/Operations Tolerances
    • Face Milling Thickness Tolerances Up To +/-.002”
    • Profile Tolerances Up To +/-.005”
    • Slot Milling Tolerances Up To +/-.002”
    • Hole Feature True Position Tolerances Up To +/-.002
  • Hole-Making Processes
    • Drilling
    • Reaming
    • Boring
    • Tapping
    • Chamfering
    • Grooving
    • Counter Boring
    • Step Drilling
    • Burnishing
  • Hole-Making Processes/Operation Tolerances
    • Hole Feature Diameter Tolerances Up To +/-.0004”
    • Hole Feature True Position Tolerances Up To 1/-.002

At Glenridge we take pride in staying on top of the latest industry trends.

Our world-class engineers work with our customers to make sure we are exceeding expectations and providing the most efficient processes.