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Our bar fed and chucking CNC Lathes in cellular workspaces provide enhanced capabilities for multiple operation processing.

Work Envelope

19” Diameter Swing

12” Cutting Diameter

12” Cutting Length


We use automated bar feeders with 2” diameter through spindle capabilities.


Our turning processes are performed in CNC Machining Centers using custom engineered tooling.

  • Turning Operations
    • Outside Diameter Turning And Profiling Up To 12” Diameter
    • Inside Diameter Turning And Profiling
    • Hole-Making Operations
      • Drilling
      • Reaming
      • Boring
      • Chamfering
      • Counter Boring
    • Threading Operations
      • Single Point Internal And External Thread Cutting
  • Turning Operation Tolerances
    • Diameter Tolerances Up To +/- .004”
    • Length Tolerances Up To +/-.004”

When it comes to CNC turning, Glenridge has the process, equipment, and experience to keep our customers on track and projects running smoothly.

We have the knowledge to apply custom solutions to assist in any issue or problem our customers may have.