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Manual grinding, milling, drilling machines and operations.

Our cellular integration of manual machining operations with the latest CNC processes minimizes the number of operators and part travel resulting in production of high-quality parts in a timely and efficient manner.

Spindle Utilization

Multiple spindle drilling machines are capable of producing many holes in a single stroke, beating the cycle times of some of the latest CNC machining centers in some applications.

Manufacturing Cells

Our production cells combine different manufacturing operations into one streamlined process that fuels cost competitiveness.

  • Grinding – Blanchard and Centerless Grinding
    • Surface Grinding up to 24” x 24” Area
      • Flatness Tolerance up to +/- .001”
      • Thickness Tolerance up to +/- .001”
      • Surface Finish up to 4 µin
    • Outside Diameter Grinding up to 3” Diameter
      • Diameter Tolerance up to .0005”
      • Surface Finish up to 4 µin
  • Drilling – Multi-Spindle Side Tables and Custom Drill Spindle Fixture Tables
    • Drilling
    • Tapping
    • Chamfering
    • Counter Boring
    • Counter Sinking
      • Positional Tolerances up to +/- .010”
      • Diameter Tolerances up to +/- .005”
  • Milling – Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines with Automatic Feed
    • Slot Cutting
    • Face Milling
    • End Milling
    • Straddle Milling
    • Gang Milling
      • Profile Tolerances up to +/- .010”
  • Turning – Turret Lathes
    • OD Turning
    • ID Boring
    • Drilling
    • Threading
    • Grooving – Diameter and Face
      • Tolerances – +/- .005”

When it comes to manual machining processes, Glenridge has a history of innovation and leadership. For more than 70 years, we have developed and incorporated processes that meet the timing and costs of our customers.