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Glenridge combines its best-in-class manufacturing facility, its advanced engineering team and a proven collaborative partnership with customers’ engineers to efficiently develop and test prototypes. Our approach saves time, delivers superior end results and helps customers capture profits by addressing issues timely and correctly.

Glenridge’s manufacturing process is designed to the specific requirements of a customer’s part rather than fitting a customer’s part to a specific manufacturing process. We are confident that by listening to our customers’ needs we are better positioned to steer them profitably.


Solidworks 3D Modeling Software

  • Engineer Custom Work Holding and Cutting Tools for each Manufacturing Process
    • Automated Hydraulic Clamping for Optimized Machine Loading and Unloading
    • All Work Holding Built and Qualified In-House
    • Cutting Tools Designed for Machining Applications to Optimize Process
  • Develop 3D Part Models from Customers Drawings
  • Analyze Customer Part Assemblies for Interferences and Stress Concentration Points

Finite Element Analysis

  • Displacement Studies
  • Stress and Strain Under Internal and External Loads
  • Simulated Vibration Analysis

Manufacturability Analysis

  • Engineering Review of Customer Technical Specifications
  • Reporting to Customer the Cost Impacts Associated with Required Manufacturing Specifications and Equivalent Alternative Solutions
  • New Part Design Consultation for Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing Process Optimization

  • Arrangement of Equipment into Multi-Machine Cellular Work Stations
  • Recognition and Development of Machining Process to Minimize Cycle Time
  • Testing and Implementation of Latest Cutting Tool Technology Available in Manufacturing Industry
  • Automated Hydraulic Clamping for Optimized Machine Loading and Unloading
  • Custom Cutting Tool Design to Minimize Part-Cutting Time
  • In-Process Cutting Tool Monitoring System

Prototype Production

  • Prototypes Produced on Equipment Specified by the Requirements of Each Part
  • Any Piece of Equipment can be Utilized for Prototype Manufacturing
  • Custom Prototype Tooling Designed and Built In-House for Added Cost Savings
  • 100% Inspection of All Prototype Parts

At Glenridge, we understand the importance and merits of developing prototypes and prototype methods and processes. We work tirelessly to find, create or develop solutions that aid our customers.